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Buy Belgian Citizenship with your preferred details and a clean record in the database system. Your citizenship is obtained via Naturalization and it is genuinely processed just like any other citizenship processed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
We offer 2 types of Citizenship for Belgium. You can either buy Belgian Passport or buy Belgian Citizenship

Types of Belgian Citizenship Offered

buy belgian passport

Buy Belgian Passport

Our buy Belgian Passport offer is for people who are looking to get just a second Passport from Belgium. With the Second Passport, you will legally use it and travel to Belgium as a citizen and this will also come with a Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate which you will have to use to legally apply for other documents such as ID Card and Driver’s license after you have traveled to Belgium.

This option is mostly picked by people who have insufficient funds to take the Complete citizenship. So with this, we just have to process your Citizenship and provide just the Passport with Naturalization certificate which you can use the Naturalization certificate to legally apply for other documents from the Country’s authorities. Even after your Passport expires, you have all legal rights to renew.

buy belgian citizenship

Buy Belgian Citizenship

Our buy Belgian Citizenship offer is for people who wants to legally live and work in the Country as a complete citizen with all legal documents and rights to citizenship. The complete citizenship is you getting the complete Citizenship of Belgium with all supporting documents such as Passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, Social Security and Citizenship certificate.

With this complete citizenship, we provide you all documents and you don’t have to go to the authorities to apply for any document because we shall provide you all complete supporting documents that any citizen of the Country would need. And you will have all legal rights to renew these documents after they expire.

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