Overview of our services…

We aid in providing Real Database Registered Passports  and other Identification documents from the EUROPEAN UNION, USA, CANADA, AND AUSTRALIA to migrants and travelers looking to travel to the EUROPEAN UNION, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA or who wants to legally live and work in either of these countries as Citizens, thus providing a complete Citizenship of the country.

Second Passport

Second Passport is for people who are looking to get just a second Passport from any of the countries within our network.

In detail…

With the Second Passport, you will legally use it and travel to Europe, America or Australia as a citizen and this will also come with a Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate which you will have to use to legally apply for other documents such as ID Card and Driver’s license after you have traveled to intended destination.

In detail…

With this complete citizenship, we provide you all documents and you don’t have to go to the authorities to apply for any document because we shall provide you all complete supporting documents that any citizen of the Country would need. And you will have all legal rights to renew these documents after they expire.

Complete Citizenship

For people who want to legally live and work in that country as complete citizens with all legal documents and rights to citizenship.

Licences and Certificates

For those seeking ID Cards, Driver’s License, Educational Certificates or Work Certificates.

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